Vision is a word with two meanings. One refers to our eyesight, while the other refers to a plan or idea for our future. Doctor Cameron Sikes had a vision, and it wasn’t for his eyesight since he is “blind as a bat.” Dr. Sikes knew he wanted to pursue a career in the medical field and chose optometry for several reasons. He didn’t like the sight of blood, wasn’t a fan of teeth, and wanted to be able to connect with his patients. Therefore, he decided that it would have to be the eyes for his 20/20 vision.

In 2013, Cameron graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Biology. From there, he attended Oklahoma College of Optometry and graduated with an award for Excellence in Contact Lens in 2017. He spent four years working at the Potawatomi Health Clinic in Shawnee. After only a year of practice, he was declared the Supervisor of Optometry while building and honing his skills in many areas of eye care.

Cameron is married to Alex Blair, a Kingfisher native. His vision began to take shape, once he started seeing patients once a week in 2018 with Dr. McMullin. During that time, Dr. McMullin saw potential in Dr. Sikes and had full confidence that he would succeed in continuing his legacy. In 2021, they moved to Kingfisher, a cool and friendly community. “I love how close-knit it is here, everyone knows everyone, and I like that I can call a local business, and they call me by name,” says Sikes.

Dr. Sikes has been practicing for seven years and says, “I truly have the best job in the world, and I wholeheartedly believe it!” But he knows he couldn’t do it without his three amazing office employees: Kristi, Tiffany, and Silvia, the newest of the three, who is bilingual and aids in translating for Spanish-speaking patients. These ladies go above and beyond to provide excellent service to all their patients, not to mention keeping the Doc’s head on straight from time to time.

Kingfisher Family Eyecare provides a wide range of eyewear for the whole family. They partner with a small business from Broken Arrow who makes lenses for their frames. Both businesses strive to provide the highest quality lenses for the clearest, most comfortable vision for your eyes, all while looking sleek in appearance. They state, “We want you to feel confident in your glasses with the best vision possible, catering to your lifestyle.” When you order your glasses, you should have them within a week, but they are working towards a same-day turnaround on glasses! Stay tuned for more to come with that as it develops. When it comes to contact lenses, they keep many contacts on hand at the clinic, and if they’re not the right fit for you, they can have your eyes seeing clearly within two to three days. Dr. Sikes is currently accepting new patients, call for your eye exam, at 405-375-3128, or stop by to browse their eyewear, located at 922 S. Main, Kingfisher. Office hours are 7:45 AM – 5:00 PM from Monday through Friday.