Saturday, September 2nd hundreds of runners from all over Oklahoma gathered at Briscoe Park in Kingfisher for a cross-country meet. The girls’ team emerged victorious, with 10 of their runners ranking in the top 25, and Scout Snodgrass securing the first position. The girls ran a distance of 3200 meters while the boys ran 5200 meters. 

Photos by All About Kingfisher’s Multimedia Journalist Libby Seiger.

The times and placements for the Kingfisher High School boys and girls were as follows:

26th Conner Askey 18:55.41

59th Wyatt Long 20:57.09

78th Alezandro Cuellar 21:37.93

133rd Brantley Johnson 25:45.09

1st Scout Snodgrass 12:28.47

3rd Lily Lunsford 12:43.37

5th Peyton Walker 12:55.03

8th Kinley Taylor 13:16.25

9th Liberty Starr 13:19.09

13th Chesni Newkirk 13:40.44

16th Harper Evans 13:14.31

20th Emmy Lunsford 13:48.24

24th Terry Mccully 14:00.84

25th Zaylynn Lopez 14:06.78

30th Maya Haney 14:21.15

35th Hannah Francis 14:41.41

38th Natalie Garrett 14:44.01

61st Rylee Longbush 16:43.03

69th Sophia Dudzinski 17:27.53