This evening, the Kingfisher YellowJackets faced off against the Tuttle Tigers (No. 16)  at home. The end of the 1st quarter closed with a 3 by Carter Kitchen,  leaving the scoreboard reading 12-13.The narrative of the contest, however, was penned by the YellowJackets’ turnovers. By the midpoint of the game, the Tigers had capitalized on these costly errors, pulling ahead to a commanding 38-28 lead. Emerging from the locker room with a ten-point deficit, the YellowJackets’ struggle with turnovers persisted. The third quarter saw the Tigers relentlessly exerting pressure, forcing turnovers, and sinking three-pointers with ease, thereby widening the gap in the score. By the close of the quarter, the scoreboard underlined the Tigers’ dominance with a stark 60-36. The last quarter was just as rough for the YellowJackets. Their fate was seemingly etched in stone as the turnovers kept piling up. Aidan Stephens shoots for 3 with 1:10 left in the game, which would be the last bucket for the Jackets. The final whistle blew, and the score was 43-76. Turnovers had been their downfall, and this evening, the Tuttle Tigers showed no mercy.


This evening, the Lady Jackets (No. 10) played against the Tuttle Lady Tigers (No. 5). In a captivating showdown, the Lady Jackets started strong, commanding a six-point lead at 22-16 as the first half drew to a close. However, their initial lead began to wane during the tumultuous third quarter. As the final quarter commenced, they found themselves trailing by a single point, the scoreboard reading an agonizing 26-27. The fourth quarter witnessed a thrilling exchange of baskets and strategic timeouts, the balance of power shifting back and forth. In an unfortunate turn of events, the match ultimately culminated in a narrow defeat for the Lady Jackets with a score of 37-40. The decisive moment came when Abbie Meyers was forced out of bounds with a mere three seconds left on the clock, causing a critical turnover and sealing the Lady Jackets’ fate. Photos by Libby Seiger, All About Kingfisher.