100 Years of the Kingfisher Church of the Nazarene

Information provided by Pastor Zach Smithson
It all began in May of 1924 when a tent was raised southwest of Kingfisher in the rural park area on the Earnest Toepfer farm. The evangelist stirred the hearts with his Holy Ghost-anointed preaching, resulting in old-fashioned conviction and a “praying through” to a genuine experience of saving grace. And his holiness preaching convinced the new converts of the Biblical teaching of the experience of entire sanctification whereby the carnal nature (inherited sin) was “cleansed from all sin.” In June of 1924, after three weeks of revival, the Church of the Nazarene was formed with 29 Charter members whose lives had been changed, evidenced by their consistent
Christian living.
Permission was given by the Cooper school board, and their building was then used as a meeting place until June of 1926, at which time the Alpha Congregation building was purchased, which was much in need of repair. This happy band of Christians set to work making the needed
repairs. A piano and opera seats were purchased from the Kingfisher College and installed for
promoting Christian endeavors in the rural community.
In June of 1930, the church realized the need to reach more people, so they rented the Memorial Hall in Kingfisher, where we worshiped until a wood and stone building was constructed at 7th and Wyatt, which included a basement. The stone was obtained from a rural quarry using horses and men for power to remove. Many days and hours with donated help from sacrificial efforts of inspired Christians wanting to reach others with the Gospel.
Under the ministry of Rev. Willard Nabors, construction was begun on the impressive church
and parsonage located on a five-acre site in the heart of a new development area. Mr. S.K. Clayton contracted the construction.
Under the leadership of Rev. Frank C. Elliot, the next pastor, a fiftieth-anniversary celebration of
the organization of the church was observed on May 5, 1974. The observation served as a homecoming for all former pastors, members, and friends who were able to attend. “Praise the Lord; for the Lord is good; sing praises unto His name; for it is pleasant.” Psalms 135:3
As we stand here today celebrating 100 years of ministry in Kingfisher, we are grateful for the
faithfulness of God over the past years and stand in excitement for what God is still wanting to do in and through this local church. We are here because of the faithfulness of God and countless friends and family who have given their blood, sweat, and tears to the ministry of this local church. As we continue to move forward, we say once again, “Praise the Lord; for the Lord is good; sing praises unto His name; for it is pleasant.” Psalms 135:3