Story by AAK Gracie Fuksa

Students and athletes from all across the Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma regions can compete in the Non-Profit All-Star competition in Woodward, Oklahoma. The competition is sponsored by the radio show K101-KWOX. Teens spend hours at this event training to compete in their sport. The sports included are band, cheer, basketball, and football. Athletes chosen for their sports are seniors nominated by their coaches for the role. The band consisted of around 203 students, from soon-to-be sophomores to seniors who just graduated high school. Teams are split between the Eastern and Western parts of their respective states. On the last day of the event, a parade usually takes place. The football game is where the band, cheer, and football teams get to perform. This non-profit changed my life and the lives of many others from the Kingfisher and Hennessey area. Photos provided by the 101 Classic Bowl Organization