No hassle, no fuss, no worries, and lower fees! Doesn’t that sound amazing? With MidAmerican Payments that’s exactly what you will get! Andrew Combs, owner/operator, of MidAmerican Payments allows any business owner to take credit cards with ease. Andrew grew up in the small town of Waukomis and currently lives in Enid. He is family-driven, enjoys problem-solving, and always looks for ways to help others.  

Andrew started his business in September 2022, looking for something challenging that would provide something new and different in this ever-changing world of tech. He has a background in engineering and strives to provide value while helping to improve each business that he serves. His goal is to assist his customers by giving them top-notch customer service.

MidAmerican Payments is much more than taking credit cards; they provide businesses with peace of mind, and low-cost processing along with all the equipment that you require. Along with an online site so you can manage your payments and view insights to run your business. What sets them apart from other companies is if you happen to run into some troubleshooting (and we all know that technology can have a mind of its own from time to time) or maybe it’s just a simple question, you aren’t going to have to press 1 or 2 and wait minutes upon minutes, Andrew will be answering your call or text. Combs wants to be there for you personally, being a local service will aid in quick customer service.

MidAmerican is great for any business, from ones that are established, to any who want to transition into taking credit cards for the first time, or brand-new businesses just getting off the ground, along with online purchases as well. Whether you are a storefront, a business without doors, or maybe your business is on wheels. MidAmerican Payments is ready to serve you and help with the growth of your business. Give them a call for a consultation and free quote to get started today, 580-484-4107