Ducks For Bucks!

The kingfisher Education Foundation turned the ducks loose tonight with a gust of wind by the Kingfisher Firefighters and their fans.  The ducks didn’t seem to be affected by the 100 degree temps as they cruised across the pool at the Vernie Snow Aquatic Center.  

First Place duck number 406, sponsored by John and Madi Wald won $1,000.  Second Place duck number 3, sponsored by Johnsons Kingfisher, was awarded $500.  Duck number 22 sponsored by Mike and Judy Johnson, was 3rd winning $300.  There was a tie for last place for 2 ducks, numbers 441 & 383.

Every duck sponsorship donation goes toward funding creative classroom enrichment projects dreamed up by Kingfisher teachers at every KPS campus.  Photos by