If you are like me, I dread mowing my yard: the dust, allergies, and the heat. Fortunately, there is a new mowing service in Hennessey with the perfect name: Freedom Lawns. Tony Blackburn, a veteran and owner of the new business, is a very patriotic guy. Tony said, “I served the American public to keep them free in the military. Now, I want to serve the American public again to keep them free from mowing. I thought it would tie together.” Freedom Lawns can handle any yard, big or small, Kingfisher to Enid, and anywhere in between. Tony said, “We can also handle commercial and annual contract jobs.” Freedom Lawns is a full service company offering mowing, bagging, mulching, edging, trimming, shrub, and other landscaping needs. Free yourself from that dreaded mowing and give Freedom Lawns a call. 405-853-5299