Introducing Kingfisher County’s newest event center, The Concept! The Cabral Family’s event space is ready to host your family or corporate events. The 4,200 square foot space will include round tables and foldable metal chairs, it provides a kitchenette, men’s and women’s bathrooms, and a stage for your band or entertainment.

Additional planned amenities will include a food warming/holding station, fridge, and other small appliances for your use. The Cabral family wanted to create a different but modern space. You will see modern chandelier lighting among other touches, RGB Scone lights (color changing), and a speaker system.

You can find them on Facebook as The Concept Event Center To view or book you can contact them at 405-538-0893 or email at

The address is 17172 E Conoco Rd, Suite 2, Hennessey, Ok 73742