How can you help?

By: Gracie Fuksa

Being a teenager can be difficult. Teenagers face pressure from a variety of different aspects of life. Teenagers may be affected by working a job, keeping up academically, and accomplishing extracurriculars. Although teenagehood is thrilling, it can also be stressful. Peer pressure could also be a leading cause of affecting teenage mental health. Teenage mental health is a dire subject. Teenagers eventually become the next generation. Learning coping mechanisms and beneficial habits is crucial to introduce young.

Statistically How Teens Struggle

                  According to the World Health Organization, “Suicide is the fourth leading cause of death among 15-29 year-olds.” With suicide being such a common death among adolescents, we as a community should make this reasonably known. Teenagers constantly need help with homework and decisions. We should make this a non-stigmatized topic teens can reach out about. Countless teens will struggle and not speak up about it due to fear of embarrassment or other contributing factors. The Mental Health Foundation of the UK states, “50% of mental health problems are established by age 14.” This shows how teens across the globe are yearning for help with their mental health. 

Ways To Help

There are multiple ways to help teenagers with mental health. Simply talking with teens and gauging how they feel may help significantly. Let teenagers know how much they matter to you and that they can reach out to you. Consider volunteering at a mental hospital to help with moral support or provide companionship. If you know someone struggling,  you can do many things to help. If someone you know is in significant danger, call 911 or 988 to talk to someone who can help you through the process. For those who need mental health assistance, call 988 or 866-903-3787. They are both 24/7 confidential hotlines. Knowing you and many others are doing well is critical. Reach out for mental health help at any time and know it is not embarrassing or invalid to do so.

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