The National Weather Service had been forecasting an ice storm for several days, scheduled to hit last Monday. However, Kingfisher was on the outskirts of the storm, so not much was expected. Other parts of the state were predicted to receive up to 3⁄4 of an inch of ice. On Sunday at around 8 pm, all schools in the area began to cancel classes for Monday, although it still seemed uncertain for us. Then, around midnight, a light mist began to fall, and the temperatures dropped, causing all surfaces, including roads and sidewalks, to become glazed with ice.

The Department of Transportation had done a good job pretreating Highway 81 & 33, but

everywhere else was extremely slippery, making even standing up a challenge. Many local businesses decided to close, and some opened late. However, by 11 am, the temperatures had risen above 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and things began to thaw out. Fortunately, this was not a typical Oklahoma ice storm where trees would be covered in ice. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol reported dozens of accidents throughout the county, most of which were caused by people skidding off the road due to the icy conditions. A “Meme” joke tends to circulate on these days that says “This is full coverage weather and liability-insured motorists need to stay home”.