Numerous families in our area are facing difficulties this summer due to the scorching heat and the approaching cold weather. A malfunctioning central heating and air conditioning system only adds to their troubles.

S&J Heating and Air is offering to donate a fully installed brand new central heating and air system to someone who is in need of it. They aim to provide assistance and support to those who require it.  S&J has partnered with the Hennessey Community Action Team (CAT), Hennessey Dover Ministerial Alliance, and the Kingfisher Ministerial Alliance. To search for a family in need of a new, fully installed central Heat & Air system for their home at no charge. 

This incredibly generous gift will be awarded to the family with the greatest need, selected from the list of applicants. The qualifications are as follows.

The family must own the home, it cannot be a rental. The home must already be set up for a central heat and air unit, meaning they can’t go in and do any construction work. This will most likely be a home that has a nonworking unit already. 

This family must be in need financially, and meet some basic low-income standards. This will be based on need, such as someone with health issues or children with conditions. 

This will include anyone in the Dover-Hennessey-Kingfisher areas of Kingfisher County.  If you fit these simple guidelines or know of a family or individual that could use this gift please write out what you or someone you know needs and bring it by the S&J offices in Hennessey or Kingfisher.

S&J Heating and Air Hennessey – 1030 S Main St, Hennessey OK 73742S&J Heating and Air Kingfisher – 1417 S Main St, Kingfisher, OK 73750