At a Special Meeting on Thursday, October 12th, City Commissioners voted for Kaci Farrar to fill the empty Commissioner seat. This seat was left vacant after Geoff Covalt was appointed as mayor in August following the resignation of Roxie Alexander in July. Cobalt was first voted into his seat in September 2021.

The other candidates for this position were Wendell Prim and Chris Cameron. Each candidate was nominated but was never seconded, so each motion died. There was a discussion on whether or not they should hold a special election. However, the cost of this would be close to $3000 and would not take place until February. The Commissioners decided it would be best to move forward with an appointment. Wendell Prim stated that he would remove his name from consideration if it meant they could make a decision. 

Debbie Burpo made a motion to appoint Farrar, which Dawn Taylor seconded. Kyle Mecklenburg and Mayor Covalt voted in favor, making it a unanimous decision. Farrar was immediately sworn into office by City Attorney Jared Harrison.