KCEM Host Grant Opportunities for Building Storm Shelters in Kingfisher County

Kingfisher County Emergency Management (KCEM) conducted multiple meetings in May to provide Kingfisher County residents with the opportunity to apply for grants to build storm shelters. The grants, which can be up to $3000, will fund the construction of new storm shelters on the property of eligible landowners.

The most recent public meeting was held Wednesday, May 22nd, at The Kingfisher County Fairgrounds. KCEM collaborated with the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management (OEM) on a grant program for residential storm shelter rebates. Additional meetings took place in Hennessey on May 8th, Cashion on May 16th, and Kingfisher on May 22nd. The deadline for grant applications was Wednesday, May 29th.

Volunteers from the Hennessey Fire Department, Hennessey Police Department, and Cashion Fire Department provided assistance during these meetings. photo by AAK Jack Quirk