Want to be a KPD Police Officer?

Apply Now!!

Never have to worry about what you’ll wear to work.

(Uniform provided!)

Travel included! Get to see exciting spots and locales of our beautiful City!

(With your headlights on!)

Never be bored again on weekends.

(What did you have to do anyway on Saturday nights??)

Take-Home cars available!

(Must reside within 5 miles of the Police Station.)

Get to drive with lights and sirens on!

(Not as often as fire/EMS does though.)

Chase bad guys, jump fences, clear obstacles!

(Only if they run from you… or until you get really winded)

Eat ALL the donuts you want!

(But not too many. It makes that jumping fences, clearing obstacles thing tougher!)

Shoot guns at paper targets!

(Who doesn’t enjoy making holes in paper!)

Guard crime scenes and write down names of who comes and goes!

(Hours. . . and hours. . . and hours. . . of fun!)

Opportunities to hone your typing and grammar skills!

(Computers provided!)

Learn the 10-Code and how to speak on an official police radio!

(But not “10-4”. . . That’s CB talk.)

Be on the GIVING end of traffic tickets for a change!

(And strive from here on out NOT to get them yourself…)

Take lots of reports from citizens who still refuse to lock their cars or safeguard their valuables!

(Job security!)

Handcuff and arrest law violators!

(And answer the age-old question, “Why aren’t you catching the “real” criminals?)

All of this and SO MUCH MORE awaits!!

Not horrible pay! Great benefits!

A great retirement plan! Job security!

What are you waiting for?

Come join the KPD team!

Your career awaits!

Starting Salary $45,000.00 for certified officers .