Oh… and it’s a Football Field!

At the beginning of the year, Kingfisher Public Schools Board made a decision to turf both their softball and athletic fields. The process began in April/May with the tearing up of both fields until they were nothing but dirt. By early July, the athletic field was ready for its final touches. Although still under construction, the softball field should be complete before the season begins.

Of course, this field is also used for football practices and games, but it serves more than merely the football program. The athletic field is used by many groups in KPS. Mandy Owens, the Band Director, expressed her gratitude for the new turf field that has been built. She said, “The Kingfisher band directors and members are excited to use the new turf field because all of our marching contests are on turf. We will be better prepared because it is much different marching on turf as compared to grass. In addition, the weather/muddiness of the field will not affect if we can practice on the field.” Prior to the installation of the turf, the band had been practicing in a parking lot most of the time in order to prevent damage to the grass field.

Aneissa Edsall, Girl’s Soccer Coach, expressed her enthusiasm for the new artificial turf field. She said, “From a cost standpoint, it’ll help in the long run. Water, paint, and maintenance can add up quickly. The grass is dead when we start our scrimmages in February, so having a green surface all season long will be nice.” The grass is usually dead when they start their season in, so the team will appreciate having a bright green surface all season long. Having the turf field will also provide consistency to their practices and games. 

Cheer Coach, Carma Reagan, said, “It will be a much softer and level surface to tumble and stunt on for the cheerleaders. It gives them a little cushion for their hands and feet!  Looking forward to using it during football season. We are thankful the school board voted to get it installed!” This investment by Kingfisher School Board is positively impacting many organizations that utilize the field every day, and not just football.