“It’s a Grand Day for Business in Kingfisher.” This is a phrase you’ve probably heard once or twice, but do you know who coined it? Shauna Rupp has lived in Kingfisher for 12 years. Before coming to Kingfisher, Shauna and her husband 
Kerby, along with their two children, Jacob and Jessica, lived in Watonga. Jacob graduated from Watonga, and Jessica finished high school at Kingfisher. Prior to becoming the Chamber of Commerce’s Executive Director, Shauna worked in local public schools and on the marketing, and public relations side of banking. 
When Judy Whipple retired from the Chamber after 19 years of serving our community, Shauna saw an opportunity to do something she had always dreamed of. To use her marketing and PR background to market the town she loves. Upon acquiring the position, she made a point to become more hands-on, and to have more interaction between the Chamber and the businesses and people they represent. 
The two most vital things they offer are referrals and connections. Serving as the visitor center for Kingfisher as well, the Chamber does not refer nonbusiness partners, otherwise, what would be the value in joining? When it comes to connections, they offer two different networking opportunities, Coffee Vibes, and Biz-Connect Luncheons. These allow members to connect and interact, pitch their business and services, and showcase new employees. They also offer Canva Marketing classes for businesses in the spring.
The Kingfisher Chamber is different in the sense that all these services are free of charge. The same can’t be said of most Chambers of Commerce. Their sole mission is to advance business and strengthen the community. Through Chamber community events such as the 4th of July, Krazy Days, Kool Car Shows, parades, Shop Local, etc. it helps drive economic prosperity in Kingfisher. 
On June 14 of this year, the Chamber celebrated the joining of its 250th member, Jacket inflatables. She contributes to this success by proving that there is value in their partnership. In the future, Shauna would like to start implementing more business developmental programs that she can offer her members. Two of her goals are helping businesses increase their exposure and connections through networking and making sure the Chamber is still relevant
to younger generations. She isn’t in it for the membership numbers but rather to make a difference in businesses in the community she loves. 
Congratulations to Shauna and the Kingfisher Chamber of Commerce personnel on 250 members! It is a grand day for business in Kingfisher, indeed!