Jacob Frost saw this guy around 8:30 this morning and thought it was dead. Later he drove by and the owl turned and looked at him. After a few phone calls, Tanner Beckner helped to free it from the wire. It had hit the top wire with it’s wings over the top and it’s head below it. It then apparently spun around it a few times. It was quite a mess. Tanner was a pro at getting it and working it around the wire. Lark Joyce called a rehab facility and they were able to give instructions over the phone. It may take it a few days to rest up and fly off. It can hop around, so it should be able to hunt mice and such until it’s ready to fly away. It was placed in a grassy area with shade and water at Tracie Macy’s parents house so they can follow it’s progress. If it’s still on the ground in a couple of days, they will then take him to a rehab. Tanner checked him out and all his bones are good. Just really tore up from the barbed wire. Thank you Tanner for helping Them! You’re a true owl whisperer! (Photos by Tracie Macy)