The google definition for Purging, An act of removing by cleansing ridding sediments or other undesired elements.                                                

Transitioning into this retirement gig, I have grounded myself from picking up my drawing pencil or paintbrush until I purge. I have found myself engaged in a battle with my closet. It seems to be growing more clothes than it can hold! Some I recognize, but others I swear someone snuck in and added them. These are the clothes we all think we will wear again after losing a few pounds. My ego tells me they shrunk while hanging in the dark.   Then there are the shoes; I seem to have a couple of pairs, and I can’t find their match. I did try on a pair of heels. After swaying in the air, I wondered if I had a nosebleed from the elevation. I slid those stilts off and caught my balance. The closer my feet are to the ground the better my grace meter shifts to the safe zone. 

 I can’t write about my purging without mentioning the term my close friends use on me (Squirrel). Most of you think of little furry animals, but in my world, friends use it when I tend to veer off from one subject to another. It seems I do this when going through forgotten treasures buried deep in the darkness of my closet.       

When you see me driving around loaded down with bags, just keep driving. I’m looking for a dumpster that has room. Seems like I’m not the only one in the midst of purging. On to the next closet and maybe finding the match to the shoes!     SQUIRREL!!