On Saturday, September 23rd, 24 Kingfisher High School and Junior High students auditioned for the Western Oklahoma Choral Directors Association Honor Choir in Shattuck. Only 141 junior high students and 112 high school students were selected, and there were over 600 who auditioned. Eight Kingfisher Junior High students were selected and nine Kingfisher High School students. KPS choral director, Diann Magnus, explained to the board that the auditions are blind, meaning the judges don’t see the students when they are singing. They are scored in 6 different categories, some of those being, voice quality, pitch, and diction. 

The Kingfisher Junior High students that were selected were Bailey Williams, Shilo Willingham, Kynslee Nance, Julianna Austin, Giselle Ponce, Haven Branson, Caroline Swafford, and Kollin Lambert. 

The Kingfisher High School students were Raechel Evans, Elijah Johnson, Breona McConnell, Andrew Takape, Madelyn Takape, Ethan McLean, Olivia Reyes, T.J. Washington, and Bianca Garcia. 

These 17 Kingfisher students selected for the honor choir will participate in the WOCDA Festival Concert on October 23rd in Elk City.