The Kingfisher Educational Foundation Duck Fundraiser

On July 4th, the Kingfisher Educational Foundation (KEF) held its duck race fundraiser. All the money raised goes to KEF’s endowment fund to give back to Kingfisher Public School teachers in the form of teacher grants. A total of 564 ducks were sold this year. The winners were:

1. Kingfisher Rotary Club

2. BancFirst

3. KJ Kochenower

Last place: Tyler Schwarz

The winners receive $1,000 for first, $500 for second, $300 for third, and $100 for last place.

The Kingfisher Educational Foundation was established in 1985 as one of the first education foundations in Oklahoma. This local and independent, non-profit organization exists for the sole purpose of aiding the Kingfisher Public Schools system and its many dedicated supporters including parents, educators, businesses, and members of the community that have consistently shown their commitment to KEF through financial contributions.