The Struck Family: Harvesting a Legacy

Jimmy Struck has been out on harvest for as long as he can remember. It started with his grandfather, Will A. Struck, and then his father, Larry Struck. Jimmy grew up on combines. He said, “As long as I could sit or hang on a combine, I was on it.” 

Harvesting is so ingrained in this family’s story. So much so that Jimmy met his wife, Brenda McAdam, who worked at the grain elevators when he was about 15 while out on harvest with his dad.

When Jimmy and Brenda moved out to the farm, Jimmy was given the opportunity to cut. Jimmy didn’t seize this offer for himself. In fact, he had given up combines altogether after his years working on them at P&K and John Deere. He did it for his two sons, Brian and Andy. As young kids, all they wanted was to farm. Having grown up on his grandfather’s farm, Jimmy knew farming was hard work and took tons of time and dedication. Jimmy told the boys in his own way that they’d all be harvesters instead. An “expensive hobby,” he added. They started really small with a combine that had no cab and a little truck and grew into what it is today

During the harvest season, the whole family comes out: all three of Jimmy and Brenda’s kids, Donna, Brian, and Andy, along with their spouses and all nine of their grandkids. Harvest has become a tradition for them, something they look forward to every year. Some help cut, some cook, and some play and provide entertainment. Jimmy said his grandchildren have toy tractors and combines that they play with year-round, just waiting for the harvest season. 

Jimmy harvests so his kids, grandkids, and others can experience what harvest is and what it’s all about. Over the years, the harvest has become less about harvesting and more about spending time with those you hold near and dear to your heart. He said they often have people stop and take pictures, and he offers them a free ride in the combines. Jimmy admits that harvesting is hard work but attributes everything to Jesus Christ, his Lord and Savior. “God gives me the strength to get up and do this every morning,” said Jimmy, “I give Him all the Glory.”