With Fire Chief Tony Stewart retiring, several firefighter positions opened up. On Saturday, February 24th, at the Kingfisher Memorial Library there was a ceremony to promote three very important fire officers. Pictured left to right: Captain Mitch Tollefson, Lieutenant Taylor Farris, Lieutenant Landon Timmons, and retiring Fire Chief Tony Stewart. 

The guest speakers were State Representative Mike Dobrinski and Kingfisher City Manager Jim Thomas. The officers were given pins for their service and their families were given the honor of putting these pins on their uniforms. 

After the pining, each firefighter received a new call number and hat fit for their new roles along with a box with their names, rankings, and badges laser-engraved. Following the ceremony there was a reception with snacks, drinks, and cakes decorated for each. Congratulations to each for their new promotions. Story and Photos by AAK Gracie Fuksa