Giga Systems is here to help! Pat’s goal is to help businesses relax among the technological advances of today. Giga Systems works with businesses to provide solutions to their network or technology needs. hey provide hardware including computers, servers, networking equipment, phone & camera systems, cabling and mounting. They can provide software including Windows, Linux, Anti-Virus, Network Monitoring, and backup solutions. Additionally, Giga Systems can provide upgrades, maintenance, security audits, software license audits, virus scans, virus removals and cloud services. With all the new technology we run our businesses with, from our phones to our tablets, laptops, and phone systems, it can get out of hand. Giga Systems strives to answer your questions in a way you can understand and help you build a custom network for your business needs. Visit their website, www.gigasystems.com, follow them on facebook or reach Pat at 405-877-9090.