Time to knock the dust off the hunting gear because at Turkey Creek Kennels and Outdoors the quail and pheasant are ready to be hunted.

Turkey Creek Kennels is owned and operated by Travis Davis and offers guided or unguided hunts that can take place over a full or half day. On a guided hunt They offer trained bird dogs, and an experience that can’t be matched. A guided hunt also includes free cleaning of all birds that are killed during the hunt.

At Turkey Creek Kennels we pride ourselves on giving customers an authentic experience. To ensure we can offer this we raise our birds from chick to adult. During this process the birds will start off in a tamed environment and are released into the wild to ensure the experience of a true hunt. Turkey Creek Kennels keeps tamed birds on hand for hunters who may need a different hunting experience.

We also understand that some hunters may need accommodations, and that is no problem to us! We want to provide a unique event for every customer. We have experience with disabled veterans and others so please don’t count yourself out of this experience!

Additionally, for anyone looking to add a sidekick to their hunting adventures, Turkey Creek Kennel raises and sells German Shorthair Pointer and English Pointer dogs.

Turkey Creek Kennels is conveniently open 7 days a week, call (405) 853-1191 to book your day of hunting located on Hwy 51 and I-35, south of the Cowboy Plaza.