After being locked up all year, the DUCKS have been let out by the Kingfisher Educational Foundation just in time for KEF DUCK SEASON! In Kingfisher, Duck Season officially starts on June 1st and goes until the KEF DUCK RACE on July 4th, which takes place at the recently upgraded Vernie Snow Aquatic Center, K-Town Kove. Get your ducks today to enter the race and help provide KEF teacher grants for the Kingfisher Public School District.
This year, the KEF and All About Kingfisher have worked together to spotlight some amazing teachers and share stories about how the Kingfisher Educational Foundation funded their students’ ideas for unique learning opportunities because someone like you purchased a duck! You can find the videos as they are posted on the All About Kingfisher Facebook page or the KEF Facebook page. The KEF works hand in hand with the teachers and administration to put your investment to work to make a difference for our local students. Get your KEF DUCK today at www.KEFDUCKRACE.COM!